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Title IX Lawyer - Campus Misconduct Attorneys

Aug 17

In an environment where allegations of sexual assault and harassment are all too common, schools are forced to react quickly and often. When a complaint of sexual misconduct is filed, schools initiate an intricate disciplinary process that can result in loss of student housing, academic probation and expulsion. Duffy Law defends students against these incredibly serious and life-altering accusations.

Our Title IX Lawyer Campus Misconduct attorneys understand the complex issues surrounding a university’s internal investigation and disciplinary procedures. We will fight to protect your rights throughout the entire process, including a hearing before a tribunal where the school will attempt to find you guilty of a policy violation. Whether you are accused of sexual assault, sexual harassment or any other type of sex related incident, it is vital to have an experienced Title IX Attorney on your side as soon as possible.

We are well-versed in all federal, state and university regulations and policies that pertain to Title IX investigations and proceedings. We have successfully defended hundreds of individuals accused of campus misconduct, and we know how to navigate these highly complicated proceedings. We will work diligently to build a strong case on your behalf and present the facts in a clear, compelling manner.

Initially, Title IX was meant to ensure that educational institutions that received federal funding provided equal access to their facilities and education programs for men and women. However, a broader interpretation of the statute now encourages schools to hunt down students that are alleged to have engaged in sexual misconduct. When this occurs, people can be punished without any proof and in a very harsh and unfair way.

Nationwide Title IX Lawyer can help you avoid the harsh penalties that come with a sex crime conviction on your college or university record. Our lawyers are ready to put their years of experience protecting student rights to work for you.

A sex crime conviction for any offense on your college or university record will follow you around for the rest of your life. This can limit your employment opportunities, affect your ability to obtain a teaching license and may even impact your future in the military or law enforcement. We have successfully defended numerous clients accused of sexual misconduct by their school and can help you fight the allegations.

When a Title IX investigation begins, the investigators will start collecting evidence that includes texts, voice messages and contact information for witnesses. They will then conduct an initial interview with the complainant and respondent. In this meeting, the investigators will ask very personal and detailed questions to determine if you are responsible for the allegations that have been made. You have the right to have an advisor of your choice, like a lawyer, present at all interviews.

If the investigator or panel fails to follow its published procedures or exhibits bias, your Title IX Lawyer will record objections and create a record that can be used on appeal. Our firm has successfully argued that a dental student was denied due process and the school’s decision to expel him was overturned on appeal.

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