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Uncovering the Reasons for Increasing Infidelity Surrey, BC

Feb 17

Grigore Counselling is a Vancouver-based private practice that supports individuals and couples going through difficult times. We recognize that many couples go through tough times in their relationships, which plays a significant role in those struggles in Infidelity Surrey, BC. We understand that dealing with the emotional fallout of infidelity can be difficult, and the adverse effects of infidelity can be long-lasting. Our Surrey experienced counselling team works with couples to address feelings of betrayal, hurt, and mistrust that can arise from a partner’s infidelity and to find ways to move forward in a healthy, satisfying way.


What is Infidelity Surrey, BC?


Infidelity is an emotional or physical relationship with another person outside of a committed relationship. It violates trust and can cause a great degree of pain to the betrayed partner. Sometimes, it can also lead to physical abuse or divorce. Emdr Therapy Surrey, can take many forms, and unfaithful people can be both men and women.


Reasons for Increasing Infidelity Surrey, BC


According to a report on infidelity in Surrey, BC, the number of infidelity cases has been steadily increasing over the past few years. Though the exact cause of this trend is unclear, experts suggest it is due to a combination of different factors.


Growing Social Trends: One of the primary reasons cited for the increased infidelity is the growing prevalence of casual relationships and non-traditional living arrangements. In an age where many couples live together without formally committing to one another, there are fewer social and legal restrictions on entering or maintaining extramarital relationships. This can make it easier for either partner to become involved in infidelity.


Impact of Technology: Technology also plays a role in increasing the prevalence of infidelity. The ease with which people can connect with others through social media and online dating sites has made it easier for some people to pursue relationships outside their primary partnerships. The prevalence of smartphones also makes it easier for people to communicate with their partners without their knowledge, making it easier to hide infidelity.


Unfulfilled Emotional Needs: In some cases, infidelity can result from unfulfilled emotional needs. If one partner feels disconnected or unappreciated by the other, they may seek fulfillment in an extramarital relationship. In cases like this, the motive for the affair may be to feel desired or appreciated and not necessarily to end the existing relationship.


Professional Consequences of Infidelity Surrey, BC


Infidelity Surrey, BC, can have serious professional consequences. A partner’s infidelity can affect their reputation in the workplace and professional network, leading to disputes over finances, property, and custody arrangements. Beyond the immediate strain on the couple’s relationship, there can also be long-term professional and financial considerations.


A Holistic Approach to Resolving Infidelity Surrey, BC


At Emdr Therapist Surrey, our counsellors take a holistic approach to resolving infidelity in Surrey, BC. We work with couples to repair and strengthen their relationships by providing a safe, supportive environment. In contrast, they work to build trust, work through issues of communication, understand each other's perspectives, and learn new tools to navigate future conflicts.


Our counsellors take the time to understand each couple’s unique situation and work with them to develop a plan of action to resolve issues of betrayal and mistrust. We also work with each individual to help them develop their insight and understanding and to recognize their role in the issues that led to the infidelity. This in-depth, individualized approach empowers each partner to identify potential sources of conflict and build solutions for a healthier and more satisfying relationship.




At Best Emdr Therapist Surrey, we understand the complex and challenging emotions accompanying Infidelity Surrey, BC. We provide a safe, supportive environment for couples to communicate and understand each other and to confront the issues that led to the infidelity. By taking a holistic approach to resolving infidelity, Counselling Surrey helps couples to build trust, respect, and mutual understanding, helping them to create a healthier, more fulfilling relationship.


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