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How COVID 19 Affects Limousine Companies

Nov 24

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, ground transportation has suffered a serious blow. Limousine service has dropped by as much as 50 percent, as professional sports and major events have been cancelled. In addition, community car services and corporate black car services have experienced losses of as much as two-thirds. Losses in tourism and business have also contributed to the decline of taxicab services.

Keeping cabs clean

In an effort to combat the spread of the COVID 19 virus, limo companies are taking all necessary measures to prevent the disease. This includes encouraging customers to use cashless payment and regularly sanitising cabs. One example of this is Meru cabs, which introduced a unique 'Ozone (O3) Treatment' that sanitises the cabs by releasing O3 air inside the cab. This air kills bacteria and viruses, and can prevent the spread of the virus.

The most important part of keeping your cabs clean is to keep the interiors and exteriors free of any debris. Ensure that all surfaces of the cab are clean, and wipe down door handles, steering wheels, glass windows, and more. It's also a good idea to wear protective gloves. Upon removing them, use a gel or foam hand sanitizer to wipe down your hands. This will help keep germs at bay for as long as possible.

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world, the limo and taxi industry has been hit hard. Some cab companies have been forced to cancel major events and suspend professional sports, which has slashed demand. In some cities, limo and taxi fares have dropped up to 50%.

Keeping cabs clean in stretch vehicles

Stretch limousines with more than nine passengers are prohibited from making U-turns. The law also increases penalties for violating the law. If you have a stretch limousine, you need to keep it clean. If you want to keep the vehicle clean, there are several things you can do.

One way to protect yourself and others is to report any safety concerns. You can do this by contacting the DOT. The agency can then investigate and take enforcement action. In addition, drivers must have commercial driver's licences and have passenger "P" endorsements.

Keeping cabs clean in charter buses

Keeping the cabs in a charter bus clean is an important part of preventing the spread of COVID-19. The number of people travelling on public transportation is at its highest point since the pandemic began, and many people come in contact with other people on such vehicles. To combat this, many transit companies have enacted regular cleaning programs. However, the novel coronavirus poses a greater risk than surface contamination, as it spreads via droplets and aerosols.